The Easiest (and Probably Cheapest) Body Scrub Ever

Here’s a quick “recipe” for body scrub that will leave your skin feeling fantastic! The main ingredients are cheap, non-perishable, and easily found at the grocery store.

What you’ll need:

  1. A plastic container: Mason jars are pretty for gifts, but I want nothing breakable in my shower. I use a plastic food storage container with a good seal.
  2. Kosher salt: I like the size and texture of the grains. Regular table salt is too abrasive and sugar not abrasive enough. (I tried a coarse salt once – maybe sea salt? – but it just rolled off the skin.) A large box of kosher salt costs about $2; it’s more than enough for kitchen use and a few batches of body scrub.
  3. Baby oil: Many oils could be used, but baby oil is the least expensive and has a pleasant scent. I often use a mix of baby oil and sweet almond oil, which is thicker and a little better at moisturizing your skin.
  4. Optional essential oil
  5. Optional mini spoon or coffee scoop: When I had an infant, there were lots of baby spoons around – a perfect size for my little body scrub container. A small coffee scoop would work too.

How to make your body scrub

Pour the salt in first, add the oil(s), then mix and adjust until the consistency of your body scrub is perfect for you. (I prefer a thick scrub for the best exfoliation, but you’ll want a more liquid scrub if you have sensitive skin.)

Done! Go forth and be smooth.