Budget Kitchen Backsplash Idea: Peel-and-Stick

kitchen with new backsplash

The back of the counter is overlooked when it’s not done, but it packs a design punch when it’s done well. Renters and thrifty homeowners will love this simple approach to add texture and color to your kitchen.

My mom announced her latest DIY project by sending me a video of her mounting temporary wallpaper – with a cutting board.

For a bit of history, Grandma Mildred swiped said mini-cutting board from my apartment 6 years ago, horrified that I would throw such a functional piece away. To see it still in rotation and, for today, used as a wallpaper smoother was weirdly special.

OK, back to the decor part.

It began with a dream of marble counter tops.

Mom really wanted to update her kitchen counters, but she found out pretty quickly that granite and marble counter tops are seriously expensive.

kitchen backsplash
Before: What is that blue???

This idea doesn’t take the place of new, sparkly counter top, but it just gave me a right-now possibility that slightly tweaks the kitchen landscape.
Gaile (Mom) Holliman

While she waits for the Great Kitchen Renovation, Mom says she’s focused on frugal decor details, like new knobs for the cabinets and this RoomMates peel-and-stick wallpaper for the backsplash ($25 at Walmart).

kitchen with new backsplash
After: Mom’s kitchen backsplash, updated with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

For more decor inspiration, check out these peel-and-stick prints:

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