How to Sneak Veggies to Picky Eaters

I’ve heard all the advice. Give them a dip; kids love dip. Make a smoothie; kids love to drink from a straw. Put veggies in grilled cheese; kids love cheese. Add veggies to tomato sauce. My boys aren’t trying to hear it.

The love of their eating life is bread, so bread will be the battlefield. (I’ve thrown in some non-bread favorites too!)

This Eggnog Right Here…

No, that is not a picture of the eggnog I made – because I guzzled the last of it. (So good!)

This was my first attempt at homemade eggnog and it was a real success. Non-photo aside, I had to share the recipe and my thoughts on making it.

A yummy, safe, cooked nog.

I’m sure uncooked eggnog is enjoyed by many without a hiccup, but I was hosting our Christmas gathering and didn’t want it remembered for food poisoning. While a cooked eggnog requires more active time (not much), knowing that it’s safe means one less thing to be anxious about later.

Free Fitness Videos and Apps

I decided to cancel my gym membership and exercise at home. Saves time, some money (though my gym was pretty cheap at less than $10/month), and gives me the flexibility to exercise in short spurts. In this series, I want to share the tools I’ve used to exercise at home, and the ones that didn’t work out for me. First up, the free fitness channels and apps: