How to Set Intentions This Year

New Year’s resolutions. (That was a test; did you perk up or gag?)

It just happens to be January – toward the end of the month, so I’m technically late for the NYE angle – when I’m feeling ready to look at my life and how I want to improve. But I do want the changes to be real and felt, and I want this fervor to stay with me for more than a few weeks.

3 Ways to Keep Laundry From Running Your Life

Folding clothes is not hard work, but something about it makes me want to stop just before I’m done. I always get backed up. Before I know it, there are two large loads waiting to be folded, complete with four people’s matchless socks. It’s the most intimidating mountain of obligation I ever did see.

Since I’m terrible at sticking to a housework schedule, I would rather create good habits to use all the time. These are a few tips that help me keep the family’s laundry under control.

How to Sneak Veggies to Picky Eaters

I’ve heard all the advice. Give them a dip; kids love dip. Make a smoothie; kids love to drink from a straw. Put veggies in grilled cheese; kids love cheese. Add veggies to tomato sauce. My boys aren’t trying to hear it. The love of their eating life is bread, so bread will be the […]