Graphic Tee + Florals

graphic tee and floral shorts

My sister Nikki showed up to a family gathering looking so cute in a graphic tee by Unlock Hope, paired with floral mini shorts and a high stack of dark brass and printed bangles.

The Easiest (and Probably Cheapest) Body Scrub Ever

Here’s a quick “recipe” for body scrub that will leave your skin feeling fantastic! The main ingredients are cheap, non-perishable, and easily found at the grocery store.

My favorite foundation is organic: a Gabriel Cosmetics review

My CoverGirl foundation finally sputtered out of its pump one last time. I liked it well enough; then I read about all the foolishness the big brands put in their foundations and I was sufficiently weirded out.

A little at a time, I want to clean up my makeup bag.

Free Fitness Videos and Apps

woman exercising

I decided to cancel my gym membership and exercise at home. Saves time, some money (though my gym was pretty cheap at less than $10/month), and gives me the flexibility to exercise in short spurts. In this series, I want to share the tools I’ve used to exercise at home, and the ones that didn’t work out for me. First up, the free fitness channels and apps: